Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm thinking about just writing everything at this point. Making a script of sorts that I can fool around with when need be before I start redrawing a begining again.

Also seriously thinking about moving away from the anime style more. If the style was a bit more of a fusion then I could pull off sillysite gags like having everything appear SHINEYDESUSHOJO whenever Tabbi is describing something mundane and have everything appear GRIMDARKAMERICANCOMICBOOK when Tadhg describes something.

I've also been doing some more inepth thinking reguarding the senario of the game itself. I have definate ideas for it and I'd like some of them to play a larger part in the story.

I think background information through too much. I really need to stop. >>;

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So you know how Tadhg's a little bitch most of the time?
I was thinking that a lot of that is because he's trying to repress his virus features most of the time, which is unpleasent, thus making him pissy. When he's in that level between being normal and having the virus completely controling him his personality seems to change. He's not as angry (as being the keyword) and seems to be friendlier. Only thing is he's usually trying to hide himself because he hates looking like that.

I'm ever so elequent right now. >>


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok, like before, don't read if you don't want spoilers~! D:

Tentative Timeline for Autunm:

-The story starts in early October. Tabbi and Sissy get into a silly fight. Then Tabbi, Tadhg, and Crow get chased by viruses at school. First time you really see them in action.

-This next part is a little fuzzy. I want to have everyone at the club, talking about some kind of upcoming fundraiser they have to be at and fake their way through, this introduces all the rest of the characters. Not sure if it'll be the same day or later. Somehow this has to lead into the Sophie incident.

-Sophie comes to the school looking for Kojie and Darby because she's home for the long weekend. They run away and she starts asking people in broken English about them. She comes across Sissy, this event leads to her getting Loki. Not sure whether that happens in either Autumn or Winter.

-We find out about possessed girl at some point in here.

-Tadhg attacks Tabbi and she finds out about his possession, she goes to Devlin for more information.

Things that will happen in Winter in no particular order:

-silly Christmas event

-Tabbi meets up with Devlin and she tells her how she's involved in Tadhg's possession

- Tadhg and Tabbi go visit possessed girl.

-Crow and Kojie get into some sort of silly fight that Crow takes seriously and Kojie is doing for the lulz.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ideas (AKA Spoilers)

Ok, this may or may not be something I use in Anarchy. But either way, if you aren't someone who I posted this for spesifically you might nnot want to read it. >o>;

I'm going to split the story into different parts, labeled by the year and season they occured in (ie. the story will begin Automn, Freshman year.)
Durring the middle/end of the first part another former Anarchy gamer is confirmed to be infected to the public (there have been a few over the years.) She's a 15 year old girl from Long Island whose possession is similar to Tadhg's, however, her virus got bored with her, scrambled her mind, and moved on. She ends up in the hospital (anoyamously until a tabloid reporter bribed a nurse for the her name) where she and her family are constantlly being taped, interviewed and followed. Main characters are taken back a bit by how the media reacts to the situation and how easily that could be them. Tadhg on the other hand takes the event incredibly personally and secretly contacts the family, wanting to meet the girl. After a long secret corispondence (this would occur at the end of Winter Freshman Year), Tadhg goes to the hospital with Tabbi (came up to her one afternoon without telling her why and just made her come with him) and meets the girl at the hospital. She's lucid, but incredibly skiddish. She ducks under her bed and between furniture when they come in and even though the virus had left her she still has virus traits. They realize that the virus left something in her head, like a place saver, so that if it couldn't find a better host, it could just moove back in, which was what was making her nuts. Tabbi is able to absorb and nullify whatever it left behind (the first time Tabbi ever uses her sheilds to do something like that) and the girl returns to normal. Then a nurse comes in and they run like hell.

I like this idea a lot for some reason, mostly because its not one that I've done before and am trying to redo. xD; But I could use this as a spring board for Tabbi trying to develope that ability and Tadhg trying to control his virus before it pulls something like that on him.


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Nickname: Sophie
Name: Sayomi "Sophie" Takahashi
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: September 29th
Ability: hacker. Has an elven archer, but can't really do much because she's an admin.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: dark brown
Clothing preferences: camisols and skirts
Other details: extremely long hair that she usually pulls back, has a dragonfly tattoo on her shoulder, poor English skills
Personality: Only recently really started going out into the real world, biploar, has violent fits of anger, paranoid, has little value for human life and enjoys testing it, very delusional, is almost always on the verge of a breakdown.
History: A Japanese native, she was born and raised in Yokohama. Her family has been moving around thanks to her father's job since she was about 9 or 10. Recognised early on as a genius, she became the instant favorite of her father who tested her constantly so that she'd always be ahead of the game. When the family moved abroad Sophie became homeschooled, learning everyday in a virtual Japanese classroom on the internet because her father, being incredibly ethnocentric, felt that other school systems would make her soft. As she got older she left the house less and less, becoming increasingly paranoid and having violent outbursts usually directed towards her younger brother Kojie. She "graduated" high school at age 15 and enrolled at Toyko University where she lived up until recently when she took an internship with the Saga Corp, the company behind Anarchy 2090 in New York City. She is supposed to be living at home, but sometmes doesn't come home for days.
She idolizes her father and acknowleges her mother, if not for the soul perpose of "Honor Thy Father and Mother." For reasons she can't explain (nor wants to) she loathes her brother Kojie and has made more than one blaintent attempt to physically harm him. Thanks to their age difference she barely aknowleges her younger sister Darby, however, she is intersted in her for "scientific experimentation."
Actually, scientific experimentation is her only reason for caring about a lot of things.
Favorite color: light blue
Favorite food: cheetos, milk tea
Least favorite food: sweet things
Likes: learning, hacking, preforming experiments and watching their outcomes, being herself, MTV
Dislikes: pretty much everyone on Earth save her father and Gloves, having to speak English in public
Talent: Disturbingly intellegent
Weakness: complete basket case

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Major ongoing conflicts:

Sissy v. Tabbi

Tadhg v. Tadhg's virus

Sophie and Gloves random crazy viruses v. everyone else

Other ongoing conflicts:

Tabbi's intentions v. The extent of her abilities

Tadhg v. himself

Kojie v. Sophie

Silly conflicts:

Crow v. Kojie

Loki v. acting normal

Underlying conflicts:

Childhood v. Adulthood


Lately I've been thinking about rethink their world a bit to be a bit (not much) more cyber punk.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Nickname: Kojie
Name: Koji Takahashi
Gender: male
Age: 16
Birthday: Aug. 21st
Ability: He's a frigging ninja yo~!
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey/white
Clothing preferences: t shirts and jeans
Other details: Wears glasses, skinny wrists, cleans up nice, curly fwuffy tail
Personality: Not outwordly friendly but a generally nice person, some what awkaward, gets competitive. Attracts weeaboos.
History: A Japanese native, he was born and raised in Yokohama. His family has been moving around thanks to his father's job since he was about 6. He doesn't get along with his father, who thinks he's a looser, or older sister Sophie, whose reasons for hating him are probably more tied to her own mental condition than anything that happened between them. He loves his mother whose current condition/situation is unknown and his younger sister Darby, who he watches over like a hawk.
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: Shrimp, earl grey tea, sushi
Least favorite food: Ham
Likes: Drawing, reading manga, play'n vidia games, sleeping
Dislikes: cold weather, being called a dog, Sophie
Talent: Artistically gifted, has the best fighting skills
Weakness: sore looser.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anarchy beginings Pt 2

I figured this was too deep for Anarchy and not very well refined. Its not really dA material.

I'll sum it up in the begining of the next part in three sentences. >>


At first it starts as a twinge, a minor distraction that takes you by surprise. For a moment all your attention goes to this sudden interruption, but is promptly forgotten. Like knocking your hand into your desk as you leave on Friday afternoon or the ticklish cough you get when you accidently swallow a gnat on a warm summer night, the recognition of this action is almost immediately overshadowed by a greater emotion or thought. You forget about it and don’t look back until you see the ugly purple bruise on the back of your hand at dinner or until you starting inhaling water bottle after water bottle trying to get the dry spot in your throat to subside.

I felt myself waning consciousness for a while, in and out of confusing dreams and whispering voices. I didn’t know where I was. I felt something soft wrapped around me, a fleece blanket perhaps? I couldn’t remember if we owned a fleece blanket. Whatever it was I pulled it up farther, I was cold— very cold. I felt myself thrash around in an attempt to warm myself more, but to no avail. Suddenly there was a rush of pain, every inch of my body seized with it. Then my eyes opened.

I found myself waking on a couch that wasn’t my own. I woke with a start, forcing myself forward, eyes wide confusion. As my head left the cushion, I felt a sudden stabbing pain behind my eyes, like one of those rouge chest pains everyone suffers from from time to time. For an instant I was taken back, scared, but forgot it almost immediately as a woman rushed to my side.

“Oh Tabbi, Thank goodness!” she blurted out. She flew at me from across the room, leaving one of her stilettoes at the foot of her chair. She hugged me desperately, as though she thought died. I was stunned. Tabbi...? Right that’s me. Tabitha O’Malley. And this is my mom... Mom O’Malley? Tara? Yes, Tara. I blinked for a bit struggling to say something. I looked around the room trying to register where I was... remember what happened. I couldn’t seem to get my eyes to focus on anything. “Is that why my eyes hurt?” I asked myself, briefly remembering that pain. Once again it was pushed out of my mind again as I recognized the room as my aunt and uncle’s livingroom and the events of the evening started to flood back. We were working on our science project... right. And Crow was being a butt, like always. Then something happened in Anarchy..

Another memory.

“Mom where’s Daddy?” I asked dumbly. Her face sank a little in disappointment.

“He-He’s in California right now, on a business trip.” She looked at me like I had three heads, shocked that I would ask such an obvious question and turn my thoughts away from her. “But that’s why I couldn’t bring you home!” she stated to ramble. “When Lily called I was so afraid that you might have to go to the hospital I left Annie with Audrey at home because I couldn’t watch all 3 of you if you were in the ER and if Daddy was here he could have come along with us and brought them home if it was getting late and...”

“Where’s Tadhg?” I interrupted.

She paused. “He’s-He’s in his room, sweetie.”

My mom was taken aback again by my tone. I was too, but I don’t think I showed it. I was never blunt like that, especially when talking to adults, but somehow I felt emotionless, like I didn’t really care how I sounded... or I couldn’t control it. It was too much effort, it seemed, and was quite pointless and tiresome. It was easier to just get to the point.

Recognizing the voices in her livingroom, my aunt Lily burst out of Tadhg’s room. She looked tired herself, very worried. She broke the awkward silence that had begun to fill the room by abruptly engaging my mom in pointless chatter that adult women always seem to enjoy. It started with “Tabbi! You’re awake, how are you doing?” and lead to “Did you see how fat Whatshisface who owns the Curves next to the natural food place on Plaza Street got?” in three sentences. Tired and slightly in pain from smacking the back of my head on the floor, I moaned.

“Go get your things sweetie,” my mom cooed, ruffling my hair, “We’ll be leaving soon.”

Knowing damn well that meant they’d be talking for another 45 minuets, I took my time on my way back to Lily’s office. Thats where I left my things, right? Yes, I nailed Crow with my good binder. I hope his head didn’t dent it. I started hop scotching down the hallway tiles farther into the darkness, wishing I had thrown something harder at him. Knowing his luck, he didn't hit his head tonight, like I did. God probably made sure that he landed on a big soft pillow or something because loosing a parent makes you special. All your actions are ok, you can be the biggist jerk on earth, but as soon as they find out your dad died its Don't be so hard on him Tabbi! He's been through a lot! You should know better! He only does mean things because he's sad! At that point I realized I was no longer skipping tiles, practicing ballet moves on them from that time we had to learn them in gym class. I wasn’t sure why I was dancing or how I remembered it, but I was actually enjoying it for the first time in my memory. Rocking to the fuzzy lyrical music playing in my head, I leaped over a column of tiles, landing in a perfect point which melted into either 3rd or 5th possession. I spun around, knocking one of my hands into a door frame, then abruptly stopped.

I heard a moan from behind a door. Tadhg’s door.

I stood there momentarily. Did I hear that? Or am I imagining it? It was quiet. I must have been. I felt another pain behind my eyes, then the noise again.

It was a sob. Tadhg was crying.

Tadhg never cried. Ever.

For a moment I felt a surge of emotion, like I was gaining control again, like it wasn’t so tiresome to act the way I knew I should be feeling. I was afraid for him, because it had to be horrible to make him cry. I started towards his door. Then stopped.

It was too much effort, my mind decided, to go in there. Whatever was wrong with him, I'd find out about it tomarrow at school.

Emotionless again I continued on, quietly gathering my things from the office at the end of the hallway and returning to the livingroom, waiting for my mother to finish her conversation.

That night the pain behind my eyes got worse. None of us went to school for two weeks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I keep coming up with all these ideas for a magical universe that popped up in one of my dreams. I feel lame just ranting about it to people because I'm not sure how much they care about it, so I guess I'll do that here so that they have a choice as to wether or not to read it.

So here goes.

This is one of those "Magic is all around us" type stories. Some kind of supernatural universe exsists in Harmony with our own here on Earth. There are a bunch of different types of magicz and stuff, but the universe seems to be split into two sides. I'm thinking that one side is made up of creatures born with the ability to use supernatural powers, and the other side being humans who, through generations of work, have gained the ability to use magic. The sides are at kind of an uneasy peace and tentions are starting to break in this one city/town.
The organizations run a lot like the mafia and most of the magical families support themselves/hide themselves behind the resturant biz. A lot of young people who work at popular fast food resturants and food carts are employed as scouts for the opposing sides.
In the early 1900s there was an "epidemic" of inter-organizational breeding, leading to some intersting offspring. Some showed no abilities whatsoever, even being seen as completely human and pink and fleshy and nonmagical. In some instances, magical abilities didn't show up until 3 or 4 generations later. The offspring that eventually showed these abilities were often forced to pick a side, leaning towards the "magical creatures" (eh... they'll most likely be demons, it works best) because 99% of the times, they abilities that showed up were because of the magical ansestory, not the human learned magic side.
But what happens when you don't want to choose a side, youwant to stay nuetral, or you want to be on a side that doesn't want you?

The thing that I like about this idea is that I can use my Anarchy characters in it with out drastically changing them. For once they fit in somewhere else. >>

Monday, July 14, 2008


Nickname: Sissy
Name: Cecelia Andre
Gender: female
Age: 13
Birthday: Feb. 13
Ability: Control over ice
Height: 4'10
Weight: 80 lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Ice Blue
Clothing preferences: Skirts and stripes
Other details: Wears glasses, skwrany, light skin
Personality: Sly and manipulative. Good at getting what she wants by whatever means nessasary. Very smart. Has a bit of a Napoleon Complex.
History: Born over seas to American parents, Sissy has spent most of her life abroad except for breif periods of time at American boarding schools. Recently her parents have settled down in New York City and Sissy was enrolled at St. U's
Favorite color: Ice blue, brown
Favorite food: Ramen (no flavor packet), Thai food, Green Tea
Least favorite food: Hamburgers, hot dogs and the like. She highly dispises American fast food.
Likes: Learning, Power, bunnies, HarryxMalfoy yaoi, violin, HP fan fiction, the cold.
Dislikes: Tabbi, being ignored, big animals, most people, incompetience.
Talent: Deviousness and Intelegence
Weakness: Immaturity

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ten years ago virtual reality games became an over night sensation, revolutionizing gaming forever.
Fives years ago gamers, spesifically between the ages of 11 and 19, started developing strange physical abnormalities after long exposure to said games, most comonly the Action Adventure MMORPG Anarchy 2090.

Some developed unnaural eye colors and and hair colors. Some developed super human abilities.

Three years after being infected by AN2090 computer viruses, 14 year old Tabbi O'Malley and her friends Tadhg and Crow lead fairly normal lives full of arcade visits, coffee runs, and periodic rogue virus attacks. Their game abilities have manifested in real life but never took much presidence in their lives until a fateful day in October when a new girl comes to town. Sent from an underground organization of programers and hackers, she takes a malicious interest in the trio who, with their newly allienced Junior infectees, are forced to leave normalcy behind and fight for their lives.


Wow I suck at descriptions. <<

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Titusville Entry 1

Titusville is a small city on the Hudson river located in Northern Wes Chester county about a half an hour outside of New York City. The town itself has three private schools but no public school, because most every student either goes to one of the local private schools or commutes to NYC (anyone who can't aford one option or the other commutes to the public school in the next town over, though they are a minority.)

St. Ursula's Academy

School colors: Blue, Green, Orange
Mascot: The Crusaders
Affiliation: Catholic
Grade Level: k-12

The school we'll focas the most on. St. U's started as a girl's boarding school in the late 1800s. Orignally a single school building, a donated mansion, and a small church it quickly grew in size. It became co-ed in the late 1960s and now encompases about 120 acres. The school is known world wide for various academic reasons, but mainly for its very impressive sports teams and slightly less so for its art program (the only reason Kojie is there.)
All students are required to participate in a sport unless they have a medical reason, at least one club and maintain a certain GP (however money does talk when it comes to managing ones grades.) If you aren't at St. Ursula's on a sports or academic scholarship you're most likely there on a trust fund.

Also: Ironically, you don't have to be Catholic to attend, just have to deal with Religious ED classes and prayer in the morning. But its like that in most Catholic schools... but you'd think they'd be tight asses about who could get in... but the administrations cares more about your abilities and your money than your religious affiliation.

The Academy of the Holy Cross

School Colors: -not sure yet. >>; -
Mascot: Wasps
Affilation: Christian (Mostly Prodistant)
Grade Level: 6-12

The known rival of St. U's. Not as well known as St. U's, but more popular with locals and New Yorkers, it has a larger student body and a baseball team that is known to rival the best in the nation. Located right in the center of town, it was founded in the early seventies and has the architecture style to match. The school isn't terribly important to the story, except that Crow gets mad at the school a lot and throws soda cans at its wall... then runs away.
Actually I'll probably come up with something cool to happen there.
Anyways, its not nearly as pricey as St. Ursula's and doesn't really have any terms for attending.

Tech School That Needs A Name

School Colors: Black, Red, White
Mascot: -not sure yet... have to create something deliciously dorky-
Affilation: None, its a Tech School
Grade Level: 9-12

Tech School. For rich smart kids. Pretty much everyone who goes there has an ego the size of Alaska and enjoys living under the assumption that they are above everyone else. The school, founded in 2004, is in the business district of town in a renovated office building.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Juinors

-Takahashi, Koji(e)
-August 21/16

Kojie was born in Yokohama Japan and lived there until he was about 6. His family relocated to Australia, where his older sister chose to native-ize her name (Sayomi to Sophie) and he added an ‘e’ to the end of his for whatever reason. When he was 10 he moved to Southern California and later to Titusville, NY at age 15.
His family includes his father, mother, older sister and younger sister. His father is a biotechnician, considered a genius in his field, while his mom is an accountant. His older sister Sophie is a college student, already in grad school at age 19. His younger sister Darby is, well, Darby. She’s a first year JR High Student.

-Owens, Devlin Arden
-July 31/16

Devlin was born and raised in a bedroom community outside of Chicago. The only child of her traveling salesman father and stay at home mother she had a fairly normal and happy childhood until the age of 9. Her father’s alcohol abuse and domestic violence came to light when she came home from school one day to find her mother passed out bleeding on the floor surrounded by shards of broken glass and covered in bruises. Her father disappeared soon after and she and her mother fled to her great aunt’s house in Titusville. Orignally attending another school in the area, after a few drunken threatening phone calls from her father that were traced to New Mexico, Devlin was enrolled in St. Ursula’s because, being of a Jewish background, a Catholic school seemed to be the place to hide her incase her father came back. Upset and confused, she took her anger out on other students becoming known throughout the school as a bully. At age 14 her mother met someone and ran off with him to Iceland to join a traveling band. Dev now resides in a huge Victorian house with her 94 year old Great Aunt.

-Fallen, Amiee Michele
-June 17/16

Amiee is from England. No one really knows where exactly, she has a very “ususal” sounding British accent. Rumor has it she lives in a castle filled with singing animal friends and fairy godmothers. The only daughter of a rather well to do family (Father is possibly knighted) she came to St. U’s on a full tennis scholarship. Unlike her friends, Amiee has a happy go lucky out look on life and is disturbingly obsessed with Orlando Bloom
She has three older brothers and one younger brother. They all attend school abroad and her younger brother is also at St. U’s

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Story So Far.

First post, obviously.
It took me TWO HOURS to pick a domain name that wasn't already taken. TWO HOURS~!

this blog is for posting ideas for my comics, mainly Anarchy. Theres going to be a LOT of spoilers, so be warned.