Thursday, September 25, 2008


Nickname: Kojie
Name: Koji Takahashi
Gender: male
Age: 16
Birthday: Aug. 21st
Ability: He's a frigging ninja yo~!
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey/white
Clothing preferences: t shirts and jeans
Other details: Wears glasses, skinny wrists, cleans up nice, curly fwuffy tail
Personality: Not outwordly friendly but a generally nice person, some what awkaward, gets competitive. Attracts weeaboos.
History: A Japanese native, he was born and raised in Yokohama. His family has been moving around thanks to his father's job since he was about 6. He doesn't get along with his father, who thinks he's a looser, or older sister Sophie, whose reasons for hating him are probably more tied to her own mental condition than anything that happened between them. He loves his mother whose current condition/situation is unknown and his younger sister Darby, who he watches over like a hawk.
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: Shrimp, earl grey tea, sushi
Least favorite food: Ham
Likes: Drawing, reading manga, play'n vidia games, sleeping
Dislikes: cold weather, being called a dog, Sophie
Talent: Artistically gifted, has the best fighting skills
Weakness: sore looser.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anarchy beginings Pt 2

I figured this was too deep for Anarchy and not very well refined. Its not really dA material.

I'll sum it up in the begining of the next part in three sentences. >>


At first it starts as a twinge, a minor distraction that takes you by surprise. For a moment all your attention goes to this sudden interruption, but is promptly forgotten. Like knocking your hand into your desk as you leave on Friday afternoon or the ticklish cough you get when you accidently swallow a gnat on a warm summer night, the recognition of this action is almost immediately overshadowed by a greater emotion or thought. You forget about it and don’t look back until you see the ugly purple bruise on the back of your hand at dinner or until you starting inhaling water bottle after water bottle trying to get the dry spot in your throat to subside.

I felt myself waning consciousness for a while, in and out of confusing dreams and whispering voices. I didn’t know where I was. I felt something soft wrapped around me, a fleece blanket perhaps? I couldn’t remember if we owned a fleece blanket. Whatever it was I pulled it up farther, I was cold— very cold. I felt myself thrash around in an attempt to warm myself more, but to no avail. Suddenly there was a rush of pain, every inch of my body seized with it. Then my eyes opened.

I found myself waking on a couch that wasn’t my own. I woke with a start, forcing myself forward, eyes wide confusion. As my head left the cushion, I felt a sudden stabbing pain behind my eyes, like one of those rouge chest pains everyone suffers from from time to time. For an instant I was taken back, scared, but forgot it almost immediately as a woman rushed to my side.

“Oh Tabbi, Thank goodness!” she blurted out. She flew at me from across the room, leaving one of her stilettoes at the foot of her chair. She hugged me desperately, as though she thought died. I was stunned. Tabbi...? Right that’s me. Tabitha O’Malley. And this is my mom... Mom O’Malley? Tara? Yes, Tara. I blinked for a bit struggling to say something. I looked around the room trying to register where I was... remember what happened. I couldn’t seem to get my eyes to focus on anything. “Is that why my eyes hurt?” I asked myself, briefly remembering that pain. Once again it was pushed out of my mind again as I recognized the room as my aunt and uncle’s livingroom and the events of the evening started to flood back. We were working on our science project... right. And Crow was being a butt, like always. Then something happened in Anarchy..

Another memory.

“Mom where’s Daddy?” I asked dumbly. Her face sank a little in disappointment.

“He-He’s in California right now, on a business trip.” She looked at me like I had three heads, shocked that I would ask such an obvious question and turn my thoughts away from her. “But that’s why I couldn’t bring you home!” she stated to ramble. “When Lily called I was so afraid that you might have to go to the hospital I left Annie with Audrey at home because I couldn’t watch all 3 of you if you were in the ER and if Daddy was here he could have come along with us and brought them home if it was getting late and...”

“Where’s Tadhg?” I interrupted.

She paused. “He’s-He’s in his room, sweetie.”

My mom was taken aback again by my tone. I was too, but I don’t think I showed it. I was never blunt like that, especially when talking to adults, but somehow I felt emotionless, like I didn’t really care how I sounded... or I couldn’t control it. It was too much effort, it seemed, and was quite pointless and tiresome. It was easier to just get to the point.

Recognizing the voices in her livingroom, my aunt Lily burst out of Tadhg’s room. She looked tired herself, very worried. She broke the awkward silence that had begun to fill the room by abruptly engaging my mom in pointless chatter that adult women always seem to enjoy. It started with “Tabbi! You’re awake, how are you doing?” and lead to “Did you see how fat Whatshisface who owns the Curves next to the natural food place on Plaza Street got?” in three sentences. Tired and slightly in pain from smacking the back of my head on the floor, I moaned.

“Go get your things sweetie,” my mom cooed, ruffling my hair, “We’ll be leaving soon.”

Knowing damn well that meant they’d be talking for another 45 minuets, I took my time on my way back to Lily’s office. Thats where I left my things, right? Yes, I nailed Crow with my good binder. I hope his head didn’t dent it. I started hop scotching down the hallway tiles farther into the darkness, wishing I had thrown something harder at him. Knowing his luck, he didn't hit his head tonight, like I did. God probably made sure that he landed on a big soft pillow or something because loosing a parent makes you special. All your actions are ok, you can be the biggist jerk on earth, but as soon as they find out your dad died its Don't be so hard on him Tabbi! He's been through a lot! You should know better! He only does mean things because he's sad! At that point I realized I was no longer skipping tiles, practicing ballet moves on them from that time we had to learn them in gym class. I wasn’t sure why I was dancing or how I remembered it, but I was actually enjoying it for the first time in my memory. Rocking to the fuzzy lyrical music playing in my head, I leaped over a column of tiles, landing in a perfect point which melted into either 3rd or 5th possession. I spun around, knocking one of my hands into a door frame, then abruptly stopped.

I heard a moan from behind a door. Tadhg’s door.

I stood there momentarily. Did I hear that? Or am I imagining it? It was quiet. I must have been. I felt another pain behind my eyes, then the noise again.

It was a sob. Tadhg was crying.

Tadhg never cried. Ever.

For a moment I felt a surge of emotion, like I was gaining control again, like it wasn’t so tiresome to act the way I knew I should be feeling. I was afraid for him, because it had to be horrible to make him cry. I started towards his door. Then stopped.

It was too much effort, my mind decided, to go in there. Whatever was wrong with him, I'd find out about it tomarrow at school.

Emotionless again I continued on, quietly gathering my things from the office at the end of the hallway and returning to the livingroom, waiting for my mother to finish her conversation.

That night the pain behind my eyes got worse. None of us went to school for two weeks.