Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm thinking about just writing everything at this point. Making a script of sorts that I can fool around with when need be before I start redrawing a begining again.

Also seriously thinking about moving away from the anime style more. If the style was a bit more of a fusion then I could pull off sillysite gags like having everything appear SHINEYDESUSHOJO whenever Tabbi is describing something mundane and have everything appear GRIMDARKAMERICANCOMICBOOK when Tadhg describes something.

I've also been doing some more inepth thinking reguarding the senario of the game itself. I have definate ideas for it and I'd like some of them to play a larger part in the story.

I think background information through too much. I really need to stop. >>;


Celes said...

Sounds good!

Shii said...

Definitely move away from anime as much as you can... @_@
It's kind of a debilitating art style, and it's nothing but healthy to distance yourself from it.
The unique nuances in your style are great. Definitely embrace them as much as you can.

kriosphinx said...

That sounds like a really interesting concept to use, I think it'd suit their personalities well!