Thursday, June 19, 2008

Titusville Entry 1

Titusville is a small city on the Hudson river located in Northern Wes Chester county about a half an hour outside of New York City. The town itself has three private schools but no public school, because most every student either goes to one of the local private schools or commutes to NYC (anyone who can't aford one option or the other commutes to the public school in the next town over, though they are a minority.)

St. Ursula's Academy

School colors: Blue, Green, Orange
Mascot: The Crusaders
Affiliation: Catholic
Grade Level: k-12

The school we'll focas the most on. St. U's started as a girl's boarding school in the late 1800s. Orignally a single school building, a donated mansion, and a small church it quickly grew in size. It became co-ed in the late 1960s and now encompases about 120 acres. The school is known world wide for various academic reasons, but mainly for its very impressive sports teams and slightly less so for its art program (the only reason Kojie is there.)
All students are required to participate in a sport unless they have a medical reason, at least one club and maintain a certain GP (however money does talk when it comes to managing ones grades.) If you aren't at St. Ursula's on a sports or academic scholarship you're most likely there on a trust fund.

Also: Ironically, you don't have to be Catholic to attend, just have to deal with Religious ED classes and prayer in the morning. But its like that in most Catholic schools... but you'd think they'd be tight asses about who could get in... but the administrations cares more about your abilities and your money than your religious affiliation.

The Academy of the Holy Cross

School Colors: -not sure yet. >>; -
Mascot: Wasps
Affilation: Christian (Mostly Prodistant)
Grade Level: 6-12

The known rival of St. U's. Not as well known as St. U's, but more popular with locals and New Yorkers, it has a larger student body and a baseball team that is known to rival the best in the nation. Located right in the center of town, it was founded in the early seventies and has the architecture style to match. The school isn't terribly important to the story, except that Crow gets mad at the school a lot and throws soda cans at its wall... then runs away.
Actually I'll probably come up with something cool to happen there.
Anyways, its not nearly as pricey as St. Ursula's and doesn't really have any terms for attending.

Tech School That Needs A Name

School Colors: Black, Red, White
Mascot: -not sure yet... have to create something deliciously dorky-
Affilation: None, its a Tech School
Grade Level: 9-12

Tech School. For rich smart kids. Pretty much everyone who goes there has an ego the size of Alaska and enjoys living under the assumption that they are above everyone else. The school, founded in 2004, is in the business district of town in a renovated office building.

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