Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Juinors

-Takahashi, Koji(e)
-August 21/16

Kojie was born in Yokohama Japan and lived there until he was about 6. His family relocated to Australia, where his older sister chose to native-ize her name (Sayomi to Sophie) and he added an ‘e’ to the end of his for whatever reason. When he was 10 he moved to Southern California and later to Titusville, NY at age 15.
His family includes his father, mother, older sister and younger sister. His father is a biotechnician, considered a genius in his field, while his mom is an accountant. His older sister Sophie is a college student, already in grad school at age 19. His younger sister Darby is, well, Darby. She’s a first year JR High Student.

-Owens, Devlin Arden
-July 31/16

Devlin was born and raised in a bedroom community outside of Chicago. The only child of her traveling salesman father and stay at home mother she had a fairly normal and happy childhood until the age of 9. Her father’s alcohol abuse and domestic violence came to light when she came home from school one day to find her mother passed out bleeding on the floor surrounded by shards of broken glass and covered in bruises. Her father disappeared soon after and she and her mother fled to her great aunt’s house in Titusville. Orignally attending another school in the area, after a few drunken threatening phone calls from her father that were traced to New Mexico, Devlin was enrolled in St. Ursula’s because, being of a Jewish background, a Catholic school seemed to be the place to hide her incase her father came back. Upset and confused, she took her anger out on other students becoming known throughout the school as a bully. At age 14 her mother met someone and ran off with him to Iceland to join a traveling band. Dev now resides in a huge Victorian house with her 94 year old Great Aunt.

-Fallen, Amiee Michele
-June 17/16

Amiee is from England. No one really knows where exactly, she has a very “ususal” sounding British accent. Rumor has it she lives in a castle filled with singing animal friends and fairy godmothers. The only daughter of a rather well to do family (Father is possibly knighted) she came to St. U’s on a full tennis scholarship. Unlike her friends, Amiee has a happy go lucky out look on life and is disturbingly obsessed with Orlando Bloom
She has three older brothers and one younger brother. They all attend school abroad and her younger brother is also at St. U’s

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