Friday, August 15, 2008

I keep coming up with all these ideas for a magical universe that popped up in one of my dreams. I feel lame just ranting about it to people because I'm not sure how much they care about it, so I guess I'll do that here so that they have a choice as to wether or not to read it.

So here goes.

This is one of those "Magic is all around us" type stories. Some kind of supernatural universe exsists in Harmony with our own here on Earth. There are a bunch of different types of magicz and stuff, but the universe seems to be split into two sides. I'm thinking that one side is made up of creatures born with the ability to use supernatural powers, and the other side being humans who, through generations of work, have gained the ability to use magic. The sides are at kind of an uneasy peace and tentions are starting to break in this one city/town.
The organizations run a lot like the mafia and most of the magical families support themselves/hide themselves behind the resturant biz. A lot of young people who work at popular fast food resturants and food carts are employed as scouts for the opposing sides.
In the early 1900s there was an "epidemic" of inter-organizational breeding, leading to some intersting offspring. Some showed no abilities whatsoever, even being seen as completely human and pink and fleshy and nonmagical. In some instances, magical abilities didn't show up until 3 or 4 generations later. The offspring that eventually showed these abilities were often forced to pick a side, leaning towards the "magical creatures" (eh... they'll most likely be demons, it works best) because 99% of the times, they abilities that showed up were because of the magical ansestory, not the human learned magic side.
But what happens when you don't want to choose a side, youwant to stay nuetral, or you want to be on a side that doesn't want you?

The thing that I like about this idea is that I can use my Anarchy characters in it with out drastically changing them. For once they fit in somewhere else. >>

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