Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ideas (AKA Spoilers)

Ok, this may or may not be something I use in Anarchy. But either way, if you aren't someone who I posted this for spesifically you might nnot want to read it. >o>;

I'm going to split the story into different parts, labeled by the year and season they occured in (ie. the story will begin Automn, Freshman year.)
Durring the middle/end of the first part another former Anarchy gamer is confirmed to be infected to the public (there have been a few over the years.) She's a 15 year old girl from Long Island whose possession is similar to Tadhg's, however, her virus got bored with her, scrambled her mind, and moved on. She ends up in the hospital (anoyamously until a tabloid reporter bribed a nurse for the her name) where she and her family are constantlly being taped, interviewed and followed. Main characters are taken back a bit by how the media reacts to the situation and how easily that could be them. Tadhg on the other hand takes the event incredibly personally and secretly contacts the family, wanting to meet the girl. After a long secret corispondence (this would occur at the end of Winter Freshman Year), Tadhg goes to the hospital with Tabbi (came up to her one afternoon without telling her why and just made her come with him) and meets the girl at the hospital. She's lucid, but incredibly skiddish. She ducks under her bed and between furniture when they come in and even though the virus had left her she still has virus traits. They realize that the virus left something in her head, like a place saver, so that if it couldn't find a better host, it could just moove back in, which was what was making her nuts. Tabbi is able to absorb and nullify whatever it left behind (the first time Tabbi ever uses her sheilds to do something like that) and the girl returns to normal. Then a nurse comes in and they run like hell.

I like this idea a lot for some reason, mostly because its not one that I've done before and am trying to redo. xD; But I could use this as a spring board for Tabbi trying to develope that ability and Tadhg trying to control his virus before it pulls something like that on him.


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