Monday, July 27, 2009

Nothing to see here

I just need to post this somewhere for my own reference.

Devlin would wear...

Baseball cap
Military cap

Jersey tee
Long-sleeve shirt
Dress shirt

Leather jacket
Zip-up hoodie
Trench coat/duffle coat

Capri pants
Dress pants
Cargo shorts
3/4s pants/shorts/shants/wtf

Neck accessories:
Dog tags
Shell necklaces
Chain necklaces

Studded bracelets
Studded belts
Leather belts
Karate-style headband

Skate shoes

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Car Story

From an MSN conversation, sorry if its a pain to read XD

-Like seriously
-Its got Kojie's semi-bilingual mom in it


Dodgy :3
after a day of stupid jackass stunts, Kojie's phone rings
its his mom asking where he is and telling him to come home for dinner (since he got off work about two hours earlier and should have been home then... she gets paranoid that another one of her kids is going to leave out of nowhere)
He gets off the phone to find Tadhg, Crow, and Devlin looking at him with puppy dog eyes because they probably aren't going to get fed by their own families, so he half heartedly invites them over
So furry household
Pretty much asian household, but with furry stuff
Dinner is squid and starnge fish parts in noodles with some kind of sauce

Simon XD
You get invited and there's furry drawings everywhere on the walls, a fursuit lying around, etc XD
I love the puppy eyes part

Dodgy :3
so Tadhg and Devlin eat the noodles
Crow can't figure out how the noodles/chopsticks combination works
Turns out that Kojie knew that that would happen and brought a spork from the movie theater, which he stabs Crow in the leg with

Simon That's so Crow.
: D
I think Tadhg and Devlin probably saw it coming too X3

Dodgy Of course
Kojie's mom's English is weird. She doesn't understand slang terms and uses strange translated terms.
Like calling them Kojie's Pink friends.
She also hits on Tadhg and Crow throughout dinner

Simon Haha, I love the weird English part.
pink friends. X3
she seems hilarious.

Dodgy She's very Darby-ish
White furred Darby
I was thinking that she knows of Tadhg and Crow from what her kids have told her. She thinks Crow is the super strong one and feels him up.
Crow looks somewhat mortified.
She's got dem hips. Like Tabbs.
So yeah
after dinner they go outside

Simon oh, Crow, you card you.

Dodgy I'm thinking that Mrs. Takahashi gave them a bag of marshmellows for desert and Tadhg is trying to get Devlin to cook them and she ends up stuffing the bag in his mouth

Simon hehe
Poor Tadhg

Dodgy Don't worry, they end up getting married.
: B
But anyways
Crow asks Kojie why he drives such a shitty car. Kojie says that he doesn't care about cars and just needs something to get him to work and back, a whoping 4 miles. (When he says he doesn't care about cars theres a pan to his room, the walls of which are covered in pictures of hotrods...)

Crow decides to take that oppertunaty to brag about his mom's new sportscar.
Crow's family is away so he suggests that they go back to his house and stare at it.

Simon I like the idea of doing the pan to the hotrod posters
I think its frigging hilarious.

Dodgy they get to Crow's house and everyobe is impressed with the car
Crow has his permit and announces that he's going to drive the car around the block
so everyone gets in.
Dev calls Shotgun, but Kojie super runs in and pushes her out of the way as she's sitting down.

Simon cheater.

Dodgy so Crow drives very slowly up the road, turns around in the culdisac, and drives back towards the house
starts into the driveway but realizes OH GOD MY MOM HAD IT BACKED IN. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT YET. D:
So Kojie offers to switch seat and back it up for him, being the only licenced driver in the car
so Kojie and Crow switch seats
Kojie starts to drive... but misses the turnaround
tells them he's going to turn around at the minimart
passes the minimart
tells them he's going to turn around at the school
passes the school
then he stops responding
He's off in his own little world going very very VERY fast
While tearing ass around residential streets, Crow turns around to the back seat to tell Tadhg and Dev to brace themselves because he's going to short circut the car once Kojie starts to slow down
but no sooner does he finish saying that that Kojie spins the car onto the highway, Crow goes forword and hits his head on the dashboard
Out cold.
Simon : O I like it.
Switches from funny to dramatic.
And very nicely so.

Dodgy So Tadhg and Dev hope to God that the car runs out of gas evenyually

Simon i think kojie is a pretty cool guy. eh drive the car and doesn't stop at anything.

Dodgy Dev is subconciously heating up the car, so Tadhg gets the idea to turn on as much stuff as he can to use up the gas

Simon : D
He really is the thinking type, huh?

Dodgy Smart kid
So eventually it runs out of gas and Kojie careens the car off onto the shoulder.
Crow is still unconcious and Kojie stares forwords, says "Wow.. that was awesome... I need a cigarette~" and passes out on the horn.
its, like, 1 am on the Garden State Parkway (New Jersey)
There are almost no cars around except for semis
They've got unconcious Crow and Kojie layed out on the grass along the side of the highway, Dev is walking around the car screaming at no one in particular, kicking the car and Kojie, Tadhg is trying to figure out where they are.
-insert random comments-
Anyway, Tadhg sees a roadsign and realizes that they're only about a hald mile from the cheercamp that Tabbi and darby are at and says that if they can push the car there they can get darby to heal Kojie and Crow and either call a tow truck or steal some gas

Simon Ah.
Darby has to save everyone's ass, huh?
Dodgy Well, they're afraid that Crow has bleeding in his brain because he's still unconcious
they try not to use her
because she isn't very good yet
I'm thinking that Kojie was able to make the car go super fast like he can run at some points, so the cops couldn't see
Like he was still there, but totally in the zone and filtering everything else out
So at the end of all this Kojie tells Crow "...and THATS actually why I have to drive a junker. : D"
So, you like it I take it?
any comments?

Simon Yeah, I like it. Especially the moral of the story XD


Dodgy Because Crow is unconcious and Tadhg and Devlin are terffied
I told Celes that I wanted Tadhg and Devlin to be discussing the possibility of a little 'I don't want to die a virgin' syndrom in the back seat, but she was >: /

Simon I like the idea though
You should go with it even if she doesn't like it :3

Dodgy lol... I probably will : D
Awkward sexual situation are very fun to write


Some Background Info

Note: This is only background info that would directly affect the main characters. Every area has their own history with infected people, I'm just focusing on Europe, Asia, and America. O:

"Infected" is the current politically correct term for persons with a certain genetic mutation that can manifest after traumatic experiences or, in more recent times, at random. It often carries physical mutations as well as super human abilities that can range from harmless to deadly.

In mideavl Europe most infections were thought to be the work of the devil. "Demons," a slang term still used today in some parts of the world, were often children and young adults who spontaniously took on the appearence of Biblical demons (the appearence of which were probably based on infected people in the first place.) Wings, tails, horns, fangs, and manic personality changes were very common and often led to the death of the host, usually by burning at the stake or hanging--whatever was most fashionable at the time.

In the 1600s, fearing for their safety, boatloads of European families with infected children stole away to The New World. A few were caught (some historians have linked it to the begining of the Salem Witch Trials, but many disagree) but most moved onto the Rhode Island colony, which was well known for tollerance. It is believed that this is the reason that so many modern infections found in the Boston area are "demonic" in appearence. (Devlin's red eyes, for example, are most likely a throw-back to the old skool manic infection)

After generations of infected persons being killed, the mutation stared to evolve, making it harder to notice. Changes in hair color, similar to what happened to Crow, became the norm by the 18th century. Extreme hair color change, like Tabbi's, is fairly new. In modern times, having the full on, old-skool manic infection, like Tadhg, is extremely rare. Fortunately, through medication and proper treatment, doctors are finding that the crippling manic personality trait can be destroyed by the time the host reaches their early twenties, alowing them to live a normal life. Until then, however, it can be a bumpy ride.

After the terror attacks, the number of infections in the Greater New York area trippled, making the area a haven for infected persons trying to live a normal life.

Where infected Europeans were treated as hellspawn, infected Asians, especially in Japan, were treated like Gods. Though not always the case, most infected people were born with animal characteristics, similar to those in asian mythology. Unlike the Europeans, the asian infected gene has remained the same for generations, giving the host a half animal half animal appearence that would be passed down through families for generations. Most "Furries" have no non-furry reletives, though not all furries have useful abilities. Some may never notice them while others can have abilities that are very useful if not dangerious. It varries person to person.

Despite claims, it is proven that furries are as human as any other race and could have a healthy child with any other race.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


First of all, the anatomy on this picture I'm working on WILL be the death of me.

Secondly, I had a idea for a series of pictures that split the cast up by the characters' powers. The first one would be "Kenetics," which would consist of Tabbi, Dev, and Crow; the second would be "Physical" which would consist of Tadhg and Kojie, and the third would be "Other" which would consist of Sissy, Darby, Loki and possibly Sophie.

I'm thinking that the pose for the Kenetics picture would be Crow in the center, with his arms over Tabbi and Dev's shoulders... they're all probably doing something cool and super power-y. The Physical picture would be Tadhg and Kojie attempting to look threatening but failing... and the "Other" picture would be Loki holding Darby and Sissy's hand up. Expressions would be something like ">: < : B : D!!!"

I wish there was a one-eyed emoticon. : <

Also: I think I need to do a storyline completely from Darby's point of view as well as one about Tabbi floating away.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jelly Doughnuts

God I wish I had one right now...

Well, since no one is online, I guess I'll have to mass spam this post to get some feedback.

Lately I've realized that I'm pretty terrible at stories with an ongoing plot, so I want to focas on groups of short stories revolving around the same group of characters. I can write short stories much better and it gives me a chance to draw pretty much whatever I want. I'd post two or three pages with Tabbi introducing all the characters and their relations, then go into the first story... which would probably be something silly, like, Tabbi having a bad day and going off on a shopping rampage with Darbz...

I have plenty of ideas and I think this would be fun, but I'd really love some feedback other than "I like /don't like this." or the "O:" face. ^^


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We've got a good thing going

Good idea I'm sticking with:
Gloves is either the head of or high up in a mafia-type organization that keeps tabs on infected people, especially those who do vigilante work or other illegal things. When Tabbi comes up on Sissy in the park she's trying to get someone to pay up or something.
I decided that that someone is Aimee, but you don't actually meet her for a while.

Silly Idea:
Tabbi being a "magical girl" in 6th grade. She tried being a superhero, fighting for justice at an afterschool program she was enrolled in in a Halloween costume.

I may actually use this. Because you know she's try it.

Also, Darby's powers: WTF should they be? D:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Snap

So, I think I decided on some background information.

Lets see how long it lasts until I change it! : D

So, instead of Tabbi and Tadhg living in NYC before the attacks and moving, I think that only their grandmother lives there. Tabbi has always lived in the same house in Wes Chester county and, well, as for Tadhg, I'm not sure. A while ago I had the idea that he grew up in Boston but his family moved back to the New York area after a fire, moving into their apartment in Titusville right before the attacks. It would account for why Tabbi is so excited to show him around the city if he had just recently moved there and hadn't visited the area very often... but then I still like the idea of him just growing up in the New York area with Tabbi as well.

Crow lived on Long Island and was on a subway with his dad when the bombs went off. By pure luck (and possibly an early manifestation of his power's secondary ability to manipulate metal) he was one of the only, and by far the youngest, person on the entire train to survive. He was in a coma for 2 days, but otherwise relativly unscaved, and became a national human interst story. National news recoginition, talk shows, all that great stuff. Part of the reason he uses the name Crow is because everyone knows about David-Anthoney Politucci... sometimes he still gets recognised. He hates it and it only fuels his survivor's remorse.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A post.

Lately I feel like I'm very dumb. Very VERY dumb. I keep coming up with weird stuff for Anarchy that no one else will really care about at the moment and, even though they'd fit and help clear up somethings in the future, have no way of fitting into the story unless someone flat out said it.

I mean I /could/ make someone just state it, but I can't forsee a nice spot to do it. :/

Basically, I was thinking about how the traumatic events occur and how something thats traumatic for one person might not be as bad for another. I'm thinking that, among all the other weird scientific stats I've come up with, they've found that some people are just more apt to the infection to others.
It obviously runs in the O'Malley family, as three out of the four kids who were present during the attack gained powers, one from just witnessing the events. Tabbi and Tadhg's abilties manifested as the situation occured, before either of them were seriesou injured, saving their lives, then going dorment until they were nine or ten... but the you have Crow who was almost crushed to death and whose father died in front of him not ending up with abilities until years later.
I guess what I'm saying is that in some people, the mutation is pretty much looking for an excuse come through, while in others it could take years.

Maybe that changes with age, but I don't know xD

Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Ursula's cheerleaders

Morgan Kendrick, Super Senior and Captain. Queen bitch, takes nothing but perfection and scares/motivates everyone.

Gwen Grund, Super Senior. Physically strong but a complete doormat. A little strange, wants to be Morgan's bff more than anything in the world.

Micheal, Junior. Bitchy and chubby, very gay. Is also big in the drama club.

Brooke Bishop, Junior. African American but probably the whitest person on the squad. Preppy, popped collar, lives on cell, ect. Tad chubby. May like to gossip but I'm not sure.

Sonia Heidrich, Junior. IRL Mary Sue. Peppy, good at everything, nice to the point of it being annoying.

Alexa-Andrea, Sophmore. Bubbley but very concerned with her reputation. Is working hard on her sweet 16 plans for MTV.

Tabbi O'Malley, Sophmore.

Jin-Sook Goldstein, Sophmore. Korean adopted by white Jewish parents. Thinks she has a huge rebelious steak but is really a "good girl" Can be mean and blunt but mostly likes joking around.

Sissy Andre, Freshman. Pulled a head a year. bitch but doesn't weigh very much.

Darby (Harumi) Takahashi, 7th grader. Mascot. Spazzy but loves everything about cheerleading. Quite a few of the other cheerleaders are uncomforitable around her.

I still need two more cheerleaders and the people whose names are in italics need last names.