Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ten years ago virtual reality games became an over night sensation, revolutionizing gaming forever.
Fives years ago gamers, spesifically between the ages of 11 and 19, started developing strange physical abnormalities after long exposure to said games, most comonly the Action Adventure MMORPG Anarchy 2090.

Some developed unnaural eye colors and and hair colors. Some developed super human abilities.

Three years after being infected by AN2090 computer viruses, 14 year old Tabbi O'Malley and her friends Tadhg and Crow lead fairly normal lives full of arcade visits, coffee runs, and periodic rogue virus attacks. Their game abilities have manifested in real life but never took much presidence in their lives until a fateful day in October when a new girl comes to town. Sent from an underground organization of programers and hackers, she takes a malicious interest in the trio who, with their newly allienced Junior infectees, are forced to leave normalcy behind and fight for their lives.


Wow I suck at descriptions. <<

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