Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We've got a good thing going

Good idea I'm sticking with:
Gloves is either the head of or high up in a mafia-type organization that keeps tabs on infected people, especially those who do vigilante work or other illegal things. When Tabbi comes up on Sissy in the park she's trying to get someone to pay up or something.
I decided that that someone is Aimee, but you don't actually meet her for a while.

Silly Idea:
Tabbi being a "magical girl" in 6th grade. She tried being a superhero, fighting for justice at an afterschool program she was enrolled in in a Halloween costume.

I may actually use this. Because you know she's try it.

Also, Darby's powers: WTF should they be? D:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Snap

So, I think I decided on some background information.

Lets see how long it lasts until I change it! : D

So, instead of Tabbi and Tadhg living in NYC before the attacks and moving, I think that only their grandmother lives there. Tabbi has always lived in the same house in Wes Chester county and, well, as for Tadhg, I'm not sure. A while ago I had the idea that he grew up in Boston but his family moved back to the New York area after a fire, moving into their apartment in Titusville right before the attacks. It would account for why Tabbi is so excited to show him around the city if he had just recently moved there and hadn't visited the area very often... but then I still like the idea of him just growing up in the New York area with Tabbi as well.

Crow lived on Long Island and was on a subway with his dad when the bombs went off. By pure luck (and possibly an early manifestation of his power's secondary ability to manipulate metal) he was one of the only, and by far the youngest, person on the entire train to survive. He was in a coma for 2 days, but otherwise relativly unscaved, and became a national human interst story. National news recoginition, talk shows, all that great stuff. Part of the reason he uses the name Crow is because everyone knows about David-Anthoney Politucci... sometimes he still gets recognised. He hates it and it only fuels his survivor's remorse.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A post.

Lately I feel like I'm very dumb. Very VERY dumb. I keep coming up with weird stuff for Anarchy that no one else will really care about at the moment and, even though they'd fit and help clear up somethings in the future, have no way of fitting into the story unless someone flat out said it.

I mean I /could/ make someone just state it, but I can't forsee a nice spot to do it. :/

Basically, I was thinking about how the traumatic events occur and how something thats traumatic for one person might not be as bad for another. I'm thinking that, among all the other weird scientific stats I've come up with, they've found that some people are just more apt to the infection to others.
It obviously runs in the O'Malley family, as three out of the four kids who were present during the attack gained powers, one from just witnessing the events. Tabbi and Tadhg's abilties manifested as the situation occured, before either of them were seriesou injured, saving their lives, then going dorment until they were nine or ten... but the you have Crow who was almost crushed to death and whose father died in front of him not ending up with abilities until years later.
I guess what I'm saying is that in some people, the mutation is pretty much looking for an excuse come through, while in others it could take years.

Maybe that changes with age, but I don't know xD