Saturday, July 11, 2009


First of all, the anatomy on this picture I'm working on WILL be the death of me.

Secondly, I had a idea for a series of pictures that split the cast up by the characters' powers. The first one would be "Kenetics," which would consist of Tabbi, Dev, and Crow; the second would be "Physical" which would consist of Tadhg and Kojie, and the third would be "Other" which would consist of Sissy, Darby, Loki and possibly Sophie.

I'm thinking that the pose for the Kenetics picture would be Crow in the center, with his arms over Tabbi and Dev's shoulders... they're all probably doing something cool and super power-y. The Physical picture would be Tadhg and Kojie attempting to look threatening but failing... and the "Other" picture would be Loki holding Darby and Sissy's hand up. Expressions would be something like ">: < : B : D!!!"

I wish there was a one-eyed emoticon. : <

Also: I think I need to do a storyline completely from Darby's point of view as well as one about Tabbi floating away.

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