Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A post.

Lately I feel like I'm very dumb. Very VERY dumb. I keep coming up with weird stuff for Anarchy that no one else will really care about at the moment and, even though they'd fit and help clear up somethings in the future, have no way of fitting into the story unless someone flat out said it.

I mean I /could/ make someone just state it, but I can't forsee a nice spot to do it. :/

Basically, I was thinking about how the traumatic events occur and how something thats traumatic for one person might not be as bad for another. I'm thinking that, among all the other weird scientific stats I've come up with, they've found that some people are just more apt to the infection to others.
It obviously runs in the O'Malley family, as three out of the four kids who were present during the attack gained powers, one from just witnessing the events. Tabbi and Tadhg's abilties manifested as the situation occured, before either of them were seriesou injured, saving their lives, then going dorment until they were nine or ten... but the you have Crow who was almost crushed to death and whose father died in front of him not ending up with abilities until years later.
I guess what I'm saying is that in some people, the mutation is pretty much looking for an excuse come through, while in others it could take years.

Maybe that changes with age, but I don't know xD


Celes said...

I can imagine they'd discuss that at some point. Crow's like, "Man I was gyped."

Dodgy said...

they would, but it'd take a while.. like something I don't have planned already.

I hate not having things planned. : <