Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Ursula's cheerleaders

Morgan Kendrick, Super Senior and Captain. Queen bitch, takes nothing but perfection and scares/motivates everyone.

Gwen Grund, Super Senior. Physically strong but a complete doormat. A little strange, wants to be Morgan's bff more than anything in the world.

Micheal, Junior. Bitchy and chubby, very gay. Is also big in the drama club.

Brooke Bishop, Junior. African American but probably the whitest person on the squad. Preppy, popped collar, lives on cell, ect. Tad chubby. May like to gossip but I'm not sure.

Sonia Heidrich, Junior. IRL Mary Sue. Peppy, good at everything, nice to the point of it being annoying.

Alexa-Andrea, Sophmore. Bubbley but very concerned with her reputation. Is working hard on her sweet 16 plans for MTV.

Tabbi O'Malley, Sophmore.

Jin-Sook Goldstein, Sophmore. Korean adopted by white Jewish parents. Thinks she has a huge rebelious steak but is really a "good girl" Can be mean and blunt but mostly likes joking around.

Sissy Andre, Freshman. Pulled a head a year. bitch but doesn't weigh very much.

Darby (Harumi) Takahashi, 7th grader. Mascot. Spazzy but loves everything about cheerleading. Quite a few of the other cheerleaders are uncomforitable around her.

I still need two more cheerleaders and the people whose names are in italics need last names.


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