Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm thinking about just writing everything at this point. Making a script of sorts that I can fool around with when need be before I start redrawing a begining again.

Also seriously thinking about moving away from the anime style more. If the style was a bit more of a fusion then I could pull off sillysite gags like having everything appear SHINEYDESUSHOJO whenever Tabbi is describing something mundane and have everything appear GRIMDARKAMERICANCOMICBOOK when Tadhg describes something.

I've also been doing some more inepth thinking reguarding the senario of the game itself. I have definate ideas for it and I'd like some of them to play a larger part in the story.

I think background information through too much. I really need to stop. >>;

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So you know how Tadhg's a little bitch most of the time?
I was thinking that a lot of that is because he's trying to repress his virus features most of the time, which is unpleasent, thus making him pissy. When he's in that level between being normal and having the virus completely controling him his personality seems to change. He's not as angry (as being the keyword) and seems to be friendlier. Only thing is he's usually trying to hide himself because he hates looking like that.

I'm ever so elequent right now. >>


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok, like before, don't read if you don't want spoilers~! D:

Tentative Timeline for Autunm:

-The story starts in early October. Tabbi and Sissy get into a silly fight. Then Tabbi, Tadhg, and Crow get chased by viruses at school. First time you really see them in action.

-This next part is a little fuzzy. I want to have everyone at the club, talking about some kind of upcoming fundraiser they have to be at and fake their way through, this introduces all the rest of the characters. Not sure if it'll be the same day or later. Somehow this has to lead into the Sophie incident.

-Sophie comes to the school looking for Kojie and Darby because she's home for the long weekend. They run away and she starts asking people in broken English about them. She comes across Sissy, this event leads to her getting Loki. Not sure whether that happens in either Autumn or Winter.

-We find out about possessed girl at some point in here.

-Tadhg attacks Tabbi and she finds out about his possession, she goes to Devlin for more information.

Things that will happen in Winter in no particular order:

-silly Christmas event

-Tabbi meets up with Devlin and she tells her how she's involved in Tadhg's possession

- Tadhg and Tabbi go visit possessed girl.

-Crow and Kojie get into some sort of silly fight that Crow takes seriously and Kojie is doing for the lulz.