Monday, June 8, 2009

Jelly Doughnuts

God I wish I had one right now...

Well, since no one is online, I guess I'll have to mass spam this post to get some feedback.

Lately I've realized that I'm pretty terrible at stories with an ongoing plot, so I want to focas on groups of short stories revolving around the same group of characters. I can write short stories much better and it gives me a chance to draw pretty much whatever I want. I'd post two or three pages with Tabbi introducing all the characters and their relations, then go into the first story... which would probably be something silly, like, Tabbi having a bad day and going off on a shopping rampage with Darbz...

I have plenty of ideas and I think this would be fun, but I'd really love some feedback other than "I like /don't like this." or the "O:" face. ^^